When I look into my mind, I see I am nothing.  

When I look into my heart, I see I am everything.  
Between the two my life flows.     ~Nisargadatta Maharshi


Stop and see what is here. 

Bring a friendly, curious, and open-minded attitude to your practice.

"Even the most illuminating state of consciousness has a moment when it comes into being, a moment that it exists, and a time when it passes." ~Gangaji

Contemplative Self Inquiry

 We bring our attention to the internal and external experiences occurring Here, in the present moment, and reflect on questions like, What do you want? What would you have if you got that? Where are you looking for this? What needs support? What is free of needs? What stops me from meeting what I resist? What am I experiencing when I put that story aside?

The invitation is to stop investing in the ongoing narrative and inquire what is underneath. 

The Work of Byron Katie

Founded by Byron Katie, The Work is a way to identify and question the thoughts that cause stress and suffering in our lives. It is a simple yet radical process. We can set ourselves free and find peace in all aspects of life. 

The Work Essentials and more information on Byron Katie can be found at thework.com. Free resources available for download include

  • Introductory Little Book 

  • Judge-Your-Neighbour-Worksheet

  • One-Belief-at-a-Time-Worksheet

  • Instructions for doing The Work

"I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn't believe them, I didn't suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that." —Byron Katie


Byron Katie’s six books include the bestselling 'Loving What Is', 'I Need Your Love—Is That True?', and 'A Thousand Names for Joy'. For more information, visit thework.com.