• Surati Haarbrucker

Fall into Simplicity

I want to live my life with ease and joy, loving myself, others, and the world around me; being respectful of my physical environment, and in service of peace... a tall order one might think, and one that can create a lot of stress when not able to live up to it.

So I invite myself to follow Jeff Foster's invitation to Fall into Simplicity.

I let myself know that it's okay to fall.

I will be held by the Earth.

Let my body sink into the pull of gravity.

Let my attention fall into the present moment.

Notice the rise and the fall of the breath.

Don't think about breathing, don't remember breathing, notice it, let the body breathe itself, effortlessly.

Return home, to myself, to this present scene in the movie of my life.

Listen to the sounds going on around me.

Feel the feelings that want to be felt now.

Surrender to the magic and majesty of the moment.

Touch life at the point of creation.

It's okay to not know.

It's okay to feel a little overwhelmed.

It's okay to be slow in a fast world.

It's okay to fall.


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