"I invite you to step into Inquiry as a way to wake-up, wise-up, grow-up, crack-up and lighten-up. I will guide you from my heart and experience."


Introductory Phone Call


I invite you to book a complementary 30 minute session. It will give you an opportunity to meet with me, ask questions, and experience a taste of inquiry.

60 Minute Session


15% rebate available on the purchase of five sessions or more.

90 Minute Session


15% rebate available on the purchase of five sessions or more.

Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution for couples, business partners, parents and children who are willing to use Inquiry as a tool to resolve conflict and come to a deeper understanding by working through an issue together.

Personal Retreats


In this one or multi day event, I offer a nurturing and supportive space for you to pause and meet yourself in simple, honest, and uncensored inquiry into the cause of your stress and suffering. Tailored to your issues and needs, I will hold you in inquiry and encourage you to listen deeply to your own wisdom. I will provide guidance and exercises to assist in uncovering deeply held beliefs, and will explore ways of integrating your insights into your life with you. Contact me to choose dates and duration - two day minimum recommended.

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