"I love meeting people in the depth of what is real and true."


"It has now been just over a week since I attended Surati’s beautiful get-together to explore Byron Katie’s Work and dive into some deeply rooted issues of my own existence. When I first arrived I didn’t know what to expect, yet the loving atmosphere within the group of strangers - who later became greatly appreciated companions on a journey of self-inquiry - was almost imminent and set a comforting tone for the entire weekend. And now, after having spent some days exploring Katie’s Work on my own, I still feel this new sense of peace that has been with me since the workshop. My most sincere gratitude to all. Thank you."

Maximilian Waid, Victoria B.C.

"Surati you are a gifted and present facilitator of The Work. You have a lovely ability to navigate a group of diverse personalities while honouring a sacred and safe space for everyone. Thank you for a very powerful weekend for both my husband and I." 
C. Cran, Vancouver BC

"I have attended many group sessions with Surati, I've had one on ones, participated in weekend retreats and online series ranging between 6 and 8 weeks, and most recently I completed a 10 month group series where we met for a full Saturday each month, followed up with an online realtime Skype-like check-in once per month. I can sum up my experience in one word:  transformational. 
If you really want to change your life, Surati is an amazing certified facilitator of The Work and brings such grace, intuition, knowledge and respect to everything she does. I've never seen a challenge that was too big for her. Surati has been an instrumental figure in my spiritual and personal growth journey and I look forward to the September online series she just posted.  Surati has a wonderful way of just "getting" where people are at and getting through the defences that don't serve us. I have always felt safe with her and the epiphanies keep coming.  I've worked hard (so has Surati) and it really shows. It's not easy, but it is so worth it. Miracles have definitely happened for me. I am so grateful. If you are serious about creating change in your life, please do give Surati a chance to work with you. She is amazing."
Carol R., Maple Ridge

"I only give 5 stars when I have a life altering experience. I certainly did, although I only realize it now as my life is unfolding since last Wednesday. Surati is an extremely kind, loving, generous, insightful, discerning person. It is a joy and pleasure to work with her. Everyone should be so blessed."  
—Chahna, Vancouver

"I feel that since our session and my letting go of the past my overall health has improved, and I'm currently not having to take any prescription medications at all! I look forward to having my health completely restored, so that in the autumn of my physical life I can enjoy a quality of life that has eluded me for far too much of it. Thanks again Surati for your help and feel free to share my story with anyone that you feel might benefit from hearing it." (link to full story
—Frank, Abbotsford 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and had a big personal breakthrough that has made a huge difference in my primary relationship.” 
—Maureen, Vancouver 

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore, question, understand, accept. I sent loving thoughts today to the guy on my JYNW. What a beautiful feeling.  
—Marianne, Vancouver 

"Doing The Work with Surati is a gift! She assists you in digging deep within until you find that one negative thought upon which all the others rest. And once found, she helps you meet it with understanding and come away laughing. Release is inevitable." —Elissa, Port Coquitlam 

I have done 'The Work' with Surati both privately and in a group setting and have achieved miraculous results each time. While Surati is a very experienced practitioner, what makes her stand out from everyone else is her intuition and her compassion. She has been able to help me see things I was just not able to see on my own and she’s done it in such a way that it feels respectful, kind and so caring. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Surati as it’s been life-changing and I absolutely recommend her to everyone who is interested in making significant, positive change in their lives. Oh yes, expect to have fun doing this work with Surati as well. She has a great sense of humour." 
—Carol H., Vancouver

“Surati is a tremendously skilled facilitator of The Work. Anyone who wants to experience unmanipulative love, and to notice the beauty that they are and that surrounds them—come to this group.” 
— Cimarron, Vancouver

"The work we did has been very rich. Surati is a compassionate and skilful facilitator of The Work. She is present with you, open and gives you all the space you need to go as deep as you can in order to untangle any limiting beliefs. I have been astonished by her perceptiveness and intuition. She is loving, gentle and very respectful, and at the same time she is direct and brings you back on track when needed. She is with you and does her Work as you do yours. If you want to know your Truth, I recommend that you contact her. " 
—Lionel P., North Vancouver

"Today I am feeling much more confident. I dug deep into my thinking around feeling left out and found that I am included in so many areas of my life. That negative thought has controlled decisions I made of where I go and who I hang out with. It really influenced my life. Surati helped me discover and unravel the truth. I am much happier without that thought. Thank you. 
—Sherri, North Vancouver